Experiential Event Marketing

What is Experiential marketing?

Experiential marketing is all about giving people an experience that coincides with the brands image and it’s brands projection. By giving someone an ‘experience’ they are more likely to become a customer, a fan and a lifelong advocate for the organisation.

Nokia Over the Air Conference

I have devised and delivered a range of different experiential marketing campaigns for brands and organisations in a variety of sectors. 

Nokia's Interactive Experience

Nokia wanted to engage with developers and communicate with them after the UK’s largest mobile developer conference ‘ Over the Air’I brought in a giant and interactive graffiti wall and encased it into a giant Nokia N8. Over the course of the two day conference over 100 developers created designs on the (giant Nokia N8’s touch screen). Each design was printed onto a free T-shirt for the developer and their emails addresses collected once each design was completed.

Hardcore developer

This lead to a hugely positive brand experience that each developer will not forget, targeted data for Nokia to use and build long and meaningful relationships from, and a large buzz at the conference (and on Twitter) surrounding Nokia (surpassed only by Tim Berners Lee seminar). More information about the event can be found here.

The LivInfographic (the worlds first Living-Infographic)

I used a real-time data feed to update a installation built in a retail shop on Camden High Street, London…


To find out more about the 'LivInfographic click here

The Social Media Experiment at Glastonbury Festival

I devised an immersive social media experience for Shangri-La at Glastonbury Festival in 2011 and 2012. It was called 'The Social Media Experiment' and explored and pushed the boundaries of performance, digital media and storytelling.

Social Media Experiment Glastonbury

More information about the Social Media Experiment can be viewed here

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SEO Content Marketing

I have experience and have been trained in creating content marketing that resonates with people and search engines alike. I often am required to write the onpage copy for my clients websites, blogs, press releases etc. I am happy to carry out copywriting and blogging duties overtly or covertly. Creating high quality content is an extremely high value long-term strategy for brands and organisations.

SEO Content Marketing

SEO Content Marketing

SEO Content Marketing is a great way to enhance your websites visibility within search engines. By increasing your websites visibility (for example being found for more search terms) your site will attain more relevant readers, clients and help reach it's objectives (such as increased profit).

By creating regular, keyword rich copy and publishing it online your organisation is able to have a personality, tell stories and be found within search engines by new and existing clients. My SEO copywriting encompasses both a tactical and personal approach.

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PR Photography in London

I am an experienced photographer who shoots on a Canon 7D and using a range of different lenses. Once the photos are captured I have the skills to edit the content in photoshop and using other post production software. My photos have been used for companies, organisations and publications both online and offline. 

Other Photography clients include Shell Fuel Save Day, Social Media Monitoring, Swedish Beers, conference and the Mobile Fringe Festial in Barcelona.

Shell World Fuel Save Day, London

© Shell UK, Photo by James Norris taken a Shell's Fuel Save Day

Goldie performing at The Barbican

© James Norris, photo of Goldie and some of his accompanying orchestra performing at the Barbican Centre

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Social Media Video Production

Social Media Video ProductionIt is hugely important to have high quality video content associated with your organisation. The share of influence is no longer dominated by broadcast media is held by the advocates within social media platforms and online communities.

I provide a high quality Social Media Video production service that resonates with users on these platforms. Once the content has been devised and created a strategic and targeted outreach strategy is executed ensuring that a large number of relevant video views are attained and that a high level of engagement occurs.

I have shot, edited, streamed and seeded video and animated content for a range of clients including Camden Council, Shell and Glastonbury Festival. Below is a short overview video created for the (wonderful) DLNA software 'TVMOBiLi'.

All of the videos I produce are shot in High Definition (HD) using one or more 'industry standard' camera. Full analytics reports are provided to help highlight the return on investment provided for each video. 

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Podcasting expert

I provide a high quality podcast service for brands and corporate events. This service entails all aspects of recording, editing and producing a podcast. The entire recording infrastructure is supplied for your event, including providing and setting up all microphones, PA systems and other recording / amplifying equipment (unless you have your own you wish to use), soundcheck and the recording itself.

Podcast at Mozilla for Mobile Heroes

My post production process ensures that your audio recording is later edited to the highest quality, with any aspects specifically edited at your request. Once the podcast has been created, along with any relevant images and metadata I ensure that they are heard by your target audiences and through a variety of Podcast directories and other relevant channels.  The high quality audio recording also open up the option of overlay the audio onto high quality videos ensuring that your videos audio is as professional as the available podcasts. 

The audio below is from a podcast that I recorded for Mobile Heroes at the Mozilla’s London office.

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Online PR Specialist

Once the world is ready to hear about your product or organisation PR is a great way to shout about it. Although the traditional way that PR works has changed dramatically over the last few years there are still a number of traditional (and not so traditional) ways that the word can hear about about how amazing the thing you want to shout about is

I work a little differently to most other PR firms who ask for a retainer or charge a certain amount each month. My services are totally transparent. I show each client how much work I have carried out at the end each week and provide in depth and honest reports highlighting the results.

As a direct response my clients have been featured in a huge range of large and targeted publications. These range from The BBC, The Guardian  and The Wall Street Journal to Forbes, NBC, The Next Web and Techcrunch..

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Video Streaming Expert

I offer high quality streaming services for corporate and entertainment events in London and across the UK. Video is streamed live directly from your  event across the globe on a desired website (such as your own). Our customisable players can have an integrated payment gateway in them so you can decide if you would like to charge users a fee for watching the video stream or not.

Live Stream Your Event

I have streamed events live from the Camden RoundhouseMozilla (Firefox), the Shaw and the Tristian Baites Theatre. I bring in a team of trusted partners to assist when required.

When helping to devise a Twitter adaptation of the play 'The Virginity Project' I worked with the Twitter & Theatre meetup 'Twespians'. This helped to ensure that event was a success with the largest possible reach utilising the limited available budget.Twitter performance

I have also streamed video directly to brand Facebook pages and a number if other locations. High quality __fg_link_0__ are also available. A full analytics report is also provided at the end of each event.

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Social Media Strategist have designed high quality websites images, buttons, diagrams, characters and flow charts for websites and offline marketing material for a range of clients and businesses.

DeadSocial character design

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Animation creation for website

We have the skills, expertise, experience, equipment and voice over artist to deliver your business a high quality animation

All of our stop animation videos are shot on a Canon 5D or 7D. We have high-end lighting equipment and remote technology to ensure that the camera does not need to be touched during the shoot. We are also able to provide bespoke high quality audio depending on the theme and tone of the content.

Angel Stop Animation

Start-up Specialist

I help market and launch start-up's in the UK & Europe through networking, social media, online PR, digital and offline marketing. My startup strategies take into consideration the specific goals and needs on the startup with the budget and timeframes available. They are delivered through careful planning and a high level of execution.


You can watch a BBC video about Social Media Strategist's SaaS start-up below:

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