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The internet has been the biggest catalyst for change since the Industrial Revolution! I help charities and organisations use the internet to build and harness relationships.


Photo from the BBC’s The Big Questions

I am a regular media analyst and contributor on areas relating to internet and a part-time lecturer at University College London (UCL).

I work within the the charity, healthcare and not for profit sector predominantly within the digital legacy, end of life, hospice and charity sector. I founded the Digital Legacy Association to help professionals support to patients with their digital assets and digital legacy. I also founded the online tool and resource hub DeadSocial to help empower the general public when making their own end of life decisions.

I only work with ethical organisations who care about those they serve.

I approach each project by defining requirements. Once this has been defined I agree goals and timeframes with the client. A statement of works document is written and a benchmark report provided to all stakeholders. Work is completed on time and at the costs previously agreed. Analytics reports to highlight the campaigns impact and return on investment are provided in the months that follow.smsSMS