Hello my name is James…Hello my name is...

Photo from the BBC’s The Big Questions

I support and campaign for the charity, healthcare and not for profit sector. I am the founder of the Digital Legacy Association a global organisation launched to help professionals to better support to patients with their digital assets and digital legacy. I also developed DeadSocial to help empower the general public when making their own end of life decisions.

Digital Legacy Association and Joan Bakewell

Photo from BBC Radio 4’s We Need to Talk About Death with Joan Bakewell.

Sometimes I speak on the radio, the telly, contribute to books and scientific papers. I am also a part time lecturer at University College London (UCL).

I have written editorials and tutorials for a number of online and offline publications. These include The British Medical Journal,  Dying Matters, Macmillan and for a number of hospices. To read an article I wrote for the The Royal College of Physicians click here.

I have also written chapters and contributed to a number of books including the ‘A Matter of Life and Death’.

If you would like to speak with me I can be contacted directly by clicking here