Hello my name is James 🙂

The internet has been the biggest catalyst for change since the Industrial Revolution! I help charities and ethical organisations use the internet to build better relationships.

Photo from the BBC’s The Big Questions


I work within the the charity, healthcare and not for profit sector predominantly for CCGs, hospitals and hospices. I founded the Digital Legacy Association to help professionals support to patients with their digital assets and digital legacy. I also founded the online tool and resource hub DeadSocial to help empower the general public when making their own end of life decisions.

I start each project by defining the it’s goals and objectives.  A statement of works document is then written and a benchmark report provided. Work is completed on time at the agreed cost. Analytics reports are then provided on an ongoing basis to highlight the campaigns value.

I am also a regular media analyst and a part-time lecturer at University College London (UCL).smsSMS