I innovate and develop effective products and services. This is achieved by following a research-led methodology and building products and services around the needs of specific demographics and user-groups.  Web, mobile, digital media, PR, social media, search engines and the offline realm are all often utilised to ensure that this occurs.

A scientific and artistic approach is adopted for each campaign

Ed Miliband

Photo from Labour Party meeting (James Norris, Ed Milliband, Kes Thygesen, Ken Livingstone, Jamal Edwards).

I am passionate about using technology for good and a lot of my work explores how we can better hospice and end of life care using technology. I founded DeadSocial which provides tutorials and tools for those wanting to make plans for their digital assets and digital legacy. I also founded the Digital Legacy Association which provides standards, frameworks and training for end of life care professionals.



I do not work with unethical organisations, those that exploit their workforce or their customers. If your organisation helps people or wants to better their life in some way please feel free to get in touch.


James Norris speaking at The Next Web Conference, Amsterdam

Photo from the Next Webs Startup Rally, Amsterdam.

I can often be found working from my office Leighton Buzzard, a shared office in Camden London or in hospitals and hospices.

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