Helping Canon Europe With Their Marketing Across The EMEA Region

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“Canon was founded in Tokyo in 1937. For decades it has been a household name and a brand associated with high quality cameras, lenses and printers. Today it is renowned globally as being on of the Globes leading camera, lens and printer manufacturers”.

How Social Media Strategist Assisted Canon With Their Marketing Efforts

Social Media Strategist supported Canon from their European office intensively over the course of four months. In doing so helping to leverage existing marketing campaigns whilst proposing a range of new marketing initiatives.

List Of Tasks Carried Out

  • Led the creation of an Editorial Calendar for Canon Europe
  • Benchmarked Canon against one of their key competitors in the areas of SEO (pre purchase), email (preference center) and mobile (apps)
  • Provided internal marketing proposals (briefs) for future marketing (and/or upcoming) campaigns
  • Helped with the creation of a Master Project Plan for all Direct Communications across Europe
  • Provided recommendations for User Experience (UX) improvements for a number of Canon portal websites leading up to Christmas,
  • Led the delivery of Canon UK’s newsletter in November and the ‘Merry Christmas’ message for the UK and Ireland in December
  • Helped create an end-to-end process for the delivery of Canon’s consumer Newsletter
  • Creative and strategic input into Canon newsletter briefs
  • Helped to oversee the project management of the Canon UK Direct Communications Pilot
  • Provided feedback to Canon UK and Canon Europe on a Pay Per Click marketing executed over the Christmas period. This was ran through Google Adwords across UK & Ireland.
  • Provided guidelines to help increase Canon’s presence within search engines (like Google) and ultimately sell more items organically and  through third party partner websites.
  • Competitor Benchmarking & Email Communication Delivery


The Newly designed Canon Europe newsletter:

Creating customer centric communication

  • Supporting The EMEA Region 

Social Media Strategist was largely tasked with supporting the ‘Consumer Imaging Group’ (CIG). The CIG is Canon’s department in charge of some of marketing consumer devices across the EMEA region. The product range varies from handhold cameras to printers, lenses and accessories.

  • Understanding the Consumer Segments & Flagship Products

Due to the rich history of the Canon brand and its position within the market it was paramount for Social Media Strategist to have a good understanding of photography and consumer behaviour between different user types and segments. To ensure that this occurred Social Media researched and dedicated a large amount of time to the art of photography, print and post-production. I also received external photography training on various devices to quickly become familiar with a number of Canon’s flagship products.

  • Review & Improvement

By working closely with the Consumer Insights manager, reviewing internal data and keeping abreast of developments within the sector Social Media Strategist was able to review various direct communication channels and help improve Canon’s outbound marketing

  • Helping to launch ‘Irista’ (Canon’s cloud storage & management software)

Social Media Strategist provided written recommendations ahead of the launch of Irista. Previous experience attained launching other software solutions was utilized during this period in order to provide assistance and direction.

  • Editorial Calendar

It was important for Canon to have a cross-channel ‘editorial calendar’ for all planned outbound marketing communications across Europe for 2014. The editorial calendar amalgamated planned marketing activities and also included activities not fully confirmed but requested from various departments. The Editorial Calendar provided a clear roadmap of activities and helped Canon to prioritise activities and the resources required. The Calendar will be used to help ensure that Canon’s communications with consumers remain relevant, timely and engaging.

  • Internal Collaboration, Internal Guidelines, Proposals & Reports

I am proud of the services provided during an intensive four month period with Canon. By working directly with various internal teams and external suppliers Social Media Strategist was able to improve a number of functions, create guidelines, proposals and reports. This helped contribute to a number of successful marketing campaigns and improved internal workflows.

Thank you

I would like to thank Canon for entrusting Social Media Strategist Ltd with carry out various marketing tasks and deliverables. I would also like to wish Canon every future success and we look forward to using your innovative products and services in the future.

Social Media Strategist – Now accepting Bitcoin

I am delighted to announce that Social Media Strategist now accepts Bitcoin as a method of payment. This may be of special interest to international clients. If your business uses a different cryptocurrency please let me know and I will try to accommodate.

If you would like to learn more about Bitcoin watch the video below.

How can I use ‘Content Marketing’ to improve my SEO in Google?

It is important for your website to 'rank' highly within Google (and other search engines) for search terms relevant to your business. In doing so, when someone searches for a service or product that your business offers your website is found. Once found within search and your listing attains a 'click through' the merit of your website will decide whether the visitor converts into an action or not (for example download your software, purchase a product, read your whitepaper etc). There are a number of ways in which marketers can help search engines rank your content with the merit that it deserves; this process is called Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO for short).

It is becoming increasing important that the content distributed by your company (website copy, blogs, videos, whitepapers etc) is engaging, shared on social networks, unique and relevant to your business. When such content is created with a business goal in mind the term ‘content marketing’ is often used

The Infographic below highlights that when great content and different distribution networks work cohesively together, a successful SEO outcome can be achieved.

How do I use content to improve my SEO in Google?

(You may also be interested in watching the video Is 'Content King' by clicking here)

Upcoming Speaking Engagements:

I hope that you are all well and you are enjoying life both and work and in play. I will be speaking at a number of events in different capacitates over the following months. These vary from digital media workshops to seminars addressing how we can approach death in today's digitally-connected World.

James Norris, speaking at The Next Web in Amsterdam

If you are able to attend any of the events that I am speaking at below (please let me know). 


University College London – Utilising Digital and Social Media for Small Businesses (14th July 2014) – UCL, London / UCL students only

Nitro Ignite, Digital Health (4th September) – St. Anne’s Church on Dean Street, London 

Ideal Death Show (6th September) – The Beeches, Bournville (Birmingham)

London Month of the Dead  (26th October) – Kensal Green Cemetery Dissenters’ Chapel Kensal Green Cemetery Chapel, London

Dying Matters Day of the Dead Conference (3rd November) – Institute of Latin American Studies, University of London

Health 2.0  Europe (11th November) – The Mermaid Conference Centre, London

Transition in Palliative Care Study Day (11th November) – Recorded seminar shown at Ty Hafan Childrens Hospice (near Cardiff) £90-£100

Mindshare Huddle, (13th November) – Mindshare's Office, London (free, invitation only)

Macmillan Primary Care Conference (Three workshops between: 27th & 28th November). Invitation only – Hilton, Gatwick Airport, West Sussex

UCL, 10,000 Small Businesses (3rd February, 1.30pm-5pm) – Social Media Workshop, Successful applicants for 10KSB programme only.

UCL, Utilising Digital & Social Media (5th March 9.30am-5.30pm) – CPD Accredited Course. UCL students only

Digital Legacy Conference (TBA) – More information coming soon, open to general public

I look forward to seeing many of you soon,

We built the Worlds first ‘livINFOGRAPHIC’ (the living Infographic) for DeadSocial

Over the last few years Infographics have become an extremely effective way to tell stories using data. Infographics are (in short) graphical representations of datasets. They are often focused around one or more pieces of data and provide insights into a specific subject matter.

Livinfographic (infographic installation)
Their visual and narrative nature have helped make a lot of information more appealing to the general public and (when telling a good story) can appeal to almost every demographic. For Dying Matters Awareness Week we launched and built an art installation called the #livINFOGRAPHIC (living-Infographic). The livINFOGRAPHIC lived within a physical space and used data that was being attained to alter it accordingly.
Popup Infographic
The livINFOGRAPHIC was visited by many during it's lifespan in the ‘You Only Die Once’ Popup Shop' (69 Camden High Street, London). We took data from the ‘Digital Death Survey’ and updated it over the week.  The installation was sat on 3 metres x 2 metres of real turf (grass) and lived and breathed over this period.
The data was attained and then updated (in near real-time). Although the installation has now been dismantled the ‘Digital Death Survey’ wil remain live for the next four weeks. It is a very short and anonymous survey. If you have two minutes to spare we would still really appreciate your input:
Infogrpahic visualised (with data)
This survey asks questions about end of life matters in relation to our online accounts and in today's digitally connected society. The installation’s concept was devised by James Norris (CEO DeadSocial) and was built with the help of Natalie Jackson.
The livINFOGRAPHIC was just one of many initiatives and events hosted in the ‘You Only Die Once’ Pop-Up shop'. These included workshops, Death Cafes, live music, poetry, photography and art. Organisations involved ranged from the NHS and The Good Funeral Guide to Save the Male and The Natural Death Centre.
In the next 2-3 weeks we will release a report with the findings from the Digital Death Survey 2014. The results will be published here and on our FacebookGoogle+ and Twitter pages.
(This post was origionally posted on 

Social Business Trends 2014

The average Internet user spends around two hours a day engaged on social media channels. By leveraging various social and digital channels possibilities and opportunitiues can increase business value, brand perception and profitability

Social Business Trends 2014

Social Media Post-Click Through Engagement

Attaining high quality traffic that converts is more valuable than attaining low quantity of traffic that does not! Recent data released by Shareaholic highlights that the post-click (click through) engagement levels attained from YouTube are higher (on average) than that of other social networks.

This may be surprising at first however when someone views a video they are often able to attain a snapshot of company, the services they provide and the company ethos. Furthermore a level of trust can be built up whilst watching the video. Watching a video can help captivate the viewer and reduce the bounce rate when clicked through to specified website. 

Social Media Click Through Engagement

Shareholic is a social sharing tool that tracks 250 million users visiting it’s network of 200,000 publishers: Full Post from Shareholic  To find out about how Social Media Strategist have helped various brands and organisations utalise video in their marketing efforts click here.

Forrester Report: “Only 16% of respondents believe that their company has the skills & capabilities to execute on their digital strategy”.


"Businesses need to think in terms of dynamic ecosystems of value if they are to compete as effective digital enterprises". That’s one of the top line conclusions of a new report from Forrester released in March 2014. The Future Of Business Is Digital report highlights some uncomfortable findings for many businesses based on interviews with end user organisations:

74% of business executives say their company has a digital strategy.

93% believe digital will disrupt their business in the next 12 months.

16% of respondents believe that their company has the skills and capabilities to execute on their digital strategy. 

19% of respondents think their organisation has the right technology in place to support a digital strategy. 

26% of IT budget decision-makers globally use some type of digital channel as their primary source to research and evaluate technologies and services to purchase. Forrester advises: "Your business needs a reset. You need to look at digital holistically. You need to transform your business by applying digital thinking across everything you do — how you win, serve, and retain customers; how you operate your internal processes; and how you source business services. In short, you must become a digital business".

If you feel that your business could benefit from external strategic direction & delivery get in touch

Media Partner for Social & Digital Marketing Conference 2014

Social Media Strategist have been named as a media partner for Social and Digital Marketing Conference (#SMWF) for the third time this year. The event brings together some of the leading minds in the social media and digital sphere. 

Social and Digital Marketing Conference Europe will be held at The Brewery, London, 31st March – 1st April 2014

Apps World

#SMWF Europe has become the key event in the social & digital marketing conference calendar and returns to The Brewery in London to deliver top-level strategic advice and insight for anyone for whom social is either already, or needs to be, high on the business agenda for 2014.

#SMWF will be the must-attend event of 2014 for Heads of Social Media & Digital Marketing, CMOs, VPs of Marketing, Brand Managers, SME Marketeers and Social Media Strategists to name as well as  traditional marketing heads who will also learn much about the ever evolving market from the show. 

Tickets are available now from