Turn your Xbox 360 into a media server for free (tutorial)


If you have an Xbox 360 and haven't turned it into a media server then you are missing a trick! By following this simple tutorial you will be able to access and stream all of the media on your computer (or mac) directly to your Xbox using your home WIFI.
Start by Downloading TVMOBiLi for free and make sure that your Xbox 360 and the computer with TVMOBiLi (installed on it) are online.

Once downloaded follow the simple visual tutorial below (on your own Xbox). This will help you find the media that you would like to stream and how it integrates with TVMOBiLi

– Switch on your Xbox

– Decide which player you would like to use (based on what kind of media you would like to stream)


– Select TVMOBiLi as the source (if TVMOBiLi does not appear check that your Xbox 360 and home computer (with TVMOBiLi installed on it) are both online)


– Select the media that you would like to stream

– and enjoy

If you need further help or would like to stream to your PS3 view the TVMOBiLi tutorial page