DeadSocial is announced at SXSW

DeadSocial a new startup by James Norris (Social Media Strategist) has been announced at SXSW. It allows anyone to create a series of messages that are only sent out after a user dies! More information can be viewed via the video below:


DeadSocal SXSW

Since heading over to the USA for SXSW the response has been awesome by the general public as well as the mainstream media.

“So, whether you want to leave a humorous ‘I told you I was ill…’ status update, a poignant farewell, or feed your social media addiction long after you’re belly-up in the ground, DeadSocial could be the answer to your prayers”. The Next Web.

“As crazy as it sound this just might work” Techcrunch

Mobile World Congress Meetings

Mobile World Congress

I am currently scheduling meetings to be held during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. I offer a range of highend marketing services at a lower cost then digital marketing agencies. My low overheads (shared office in Camden) are reflected in my day rate (£280 per day).

My clients range from Vodafone and Nokia to Shell, Channel 4 and a number of start-ups. If you are currently being overcharged by one of the many overpriced marketing agencies or need effective marketing services to increase sales, loyalty etc then get in touch.

I will be in Barcelona and free for meetings between 25th February and 2nd March. Feel free to email me / call +44 (0)7868 823055 / skype: jamesnorris123

Social Media Strategist Internship / Job in London

We are looking for an intern to help launch a technology startup in Camden, London over the next two months. This position offers (expenses paid) work experience that could lead into full time employment. The post will involve you working alongside the entrepreneur behind the startup as well as myself.

Social Media Job London

You will receive one to one tuition in order to:

 • Develop / execute social media strategies
 • Virally distribute content across social media platforms & the wider web
 • Run a blogger outreach campaign
 • Bug test the platform
 • Create ‘sticky’ content
 • Blog about the company
 • Use Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin to promote the startup
 • Create & send HTML emails
 • Monitor the impact of the platform and marketing campaigns
 • Create Web / Social media analytics reports

Contact me directly for more information on 07868 823055


Social Media World Forum Coffee?

Social Media World Forum Logo

I have just sent 200 business cards to print in order for them to be ready for the social media world forum & mobile social networking forum 2010. I am really looking forward to attending the events and conferences from both a educational and networking point of view. If you are going to be attending feel free to get in contact in order to arrange a coffee or an apres-conference beer.

Social media world forum is now firmly established as Europe’s leading social media event. The event has 5 supporting conference streams, over 300 speakers, free to attend workshops and exhibitions, the show is a must attend on the social media calendar. The show covers the latest in brand engagement using social media, monitoring social media campaigns, brand building using social media, b2b social networks, social media & pr, virtual currencies, gaming, applications and many more.

iPad Application Developer

The language used to develop applications for the ipad is the same as that which is used for the iphone. If you would like to be one of the first brands to embrace Apple’s new technology then have an existing iphone application call us to attain. All our developers live & work in the UK and have submitted applications to apple that have been approved by the ‘Apple App Store’.

Feel free to call me to discuss this exciting new platform on 07868 823055

Social Media Reputation Management

It is important for both yourself and your business to appear in a positive light when searched for online There are a number of ways in which both negative and positive posts can be addressed to better your enhance your online visibility. A common way of addressing a companies online reputation is through social media optimisation & search engine optimisation. I have strategically implemented a number reputation management campaigns in a range of sectors.

If you would like more information about your own online reputation call 07868 823055

Bluetooth Content Creation

My Bluetooth hubs have the ability to distribute a range of content quickly and effectively. I have created and distributed content optimized for mobile handsets through Bluetooth for three years. During this time I have distributed flyers, free songs, videos and hyperlinks to mobile internet sites.

Below is an example of a Bluetooth flyer that Social Media Strategist provided and distributed in 'The Lightbox' nightclub ahead of the specified event. The flyer was sent out to users mobile phones using one of our Bluetooth marketing hubs for one month ahead of the event

Bluetooth flyers

1372 successful downloads onto users handsets occurred during this period. By saving it onto a users phone the flyer has a much greater impact then a traditional paper flyer, it cannot be lost and it is easily shared between friends. I have also installed the Bluetooth hub to send out promotional audio, video and exclusive content at a range of conferences and venues including Brixton Academy and Glastonbury Festival.

If you would like me to demonstrate bluetooth technology let me know: 07868 823055

Social Media Art Director

Live events and performances often need to be directed and managed both on and offline. I have directed a range of social media art based projects. These range from social media installations to live musical and theatre based performances. I have directed such events at Glastonbury, Bestival & Brixton Academy.

I have the expertise, knowledge and contacts to devise an event that uses performance and art to enhance your existing digital & social media campaign. If you have already devised the concept I have the experience and ability to ensue that it unfolds as planned.

For more information call 07868 823055