My Bluetooth hubs have the ability to distribute a range of content quickly and effectively. I have created and distributed content optimized for mobile handsets through Bluetooth for three years. During this time I have distributed flyers, free songs, videos and hyperlinks to mobile internet sites.

Below is an example of a Bluetooth flyer that Social Media Strategist provided and distributed in 'The Lightbox' nightclub ahead of the specified event. The flyer was sent out to users mobile phones using one of our Bluetooth marketing hubs for one month ahead of the event

Bluetooth flyers

1372 successful downloads onto users handsets occurred during this period. By saving it onto a users phone the flyer has a much greater impact then a traditional paper flyer, it cannot be lost and it is easily shared between friends. I have also installed the Bluetooth hub to send out promotional audio, video and exclusive content at a range of conferences and venues including Brixton Academy and Glastonbury Festival.

If you would like me to demonstrate bluetooth technology let me know: 07868 823055