Working from the Hospice of St Francis

I will be working from St Francis in Berkhamsted from the 27th November until Christmas. It is hoped that this will lead to a cross pollenated of ideas and learning between the work we both undertake.

Leti - digital legacy

Photo of me and Leti and the Hospice of St Francis

I was lucky enough to work with and learn from patients and staff at St Francis earlier this year. It is hoped that this short term residency will bring symbiotic benefits to the Hospice of St Francis and the work I carry out for the Digital Legacy Association and MyWishes.

Twitter workshop in Madrid

I will be co-charing a Twitter workshop in Madrid at the EAPC Word Congress. If you are attending please do let me know. The details can be found below:

Making the Most of Twitter at #EAPC2017

18th May: 08:00 – 08:45. Open Meeting Making the Most of Twitter at #EAPC2017 – An Interactive Workshop Everyone welcome. Please bring your smart phone or tablet.


  • James Norris (London, United Kingdom)
  • Catherine Walshe (Lancaster, United Kingdom)
  • Katherine E. Sleeman (London, United Kingdom)
  • Avril Jackson (London, United Kingdom)
  • Julie Ling (Dublin, Ireland)

The full EAPC 2017 scientific programme can be found here

TalkCPR wins an NHS Wales Award

Over the last two years I have helped with the development a toolkit by the Velindre Cancer Centre called TalkCPR. The aim of the project TalkCPR’ is to ease communication and dialogue between patients with palliative illnesses and their healthcare professionals in relation to the complex area of Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Decisions (DNACPR). In order to facilitate effective communication and transfer good quality knowledge to patients and those close to them, a novel video and website approach was used .

TalkCPR won an NHS Wales Award within the ‘Improving Quality Together (IQT) Methodology’ category.

NHS Wales Awards

More information can be found at

Tumblr for your brand or business

Tumblr, is a highly visual and popular blogging platform. It is used by brands to highlight content visually and often in a comical way. Tumblr currently hosts 174.4 blogs (March 2014) and brands often use the service to engage with younger audiences. 

Tumblr for my brand

If you have a visual ir youth orientated brand and are not yet using the service and think that it may be of interest then get in touch.

To discuss using Tumblr for your business call: 07868 823055

Advertising Spend Statistics 2013

A recent study by Advertising Age found that more than half of marketer and agency professionals surveyed predicted they would increase ad spending in digital media during the next 12 months. This is a far greater percentage when compared to the same for traditional channels such as cable TV (31%), broadcast TV (20%), magazines (14%) and national newspapers (11%).

Advertising Spend Statistics

Report via Advertising Age

Social Media TV’s

Social Media TV's (aka Social Media TV's & SMART TV's) are transforming the way in which we watch TV and consume content. Social Media TV's allows viewers to share and discuss what is being watched.

Social TV Shipment's 2012

Further content can then be consumed or interacted with by the viewer using the SMART TV or a 'second screen' such as a tablet or a mobile phone. 

Social TV & Simultaneous Tablet Usage

Social Media Strategist helps market Social TV manufacturers, app developers and organisations looking to extend their business into this new area. I am a media partner Social TV World Summit & the Digital TV Summit 2012. I am also speaking at the Digital TV Summit 2012, more information about the panel and fellow speakers can be read here.

If you would like to discuss marketing on and using Social Media TV's call 07868 823055