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Between 23-27th September 2013 the annual (occasionally bi-annual) Social Media Week took place. Over the course of the week leading thinkers and businesses in the sector hosted and spoke about the sector and often within their vertical of expertise. 

Nokia was once again Social Media Weeks headline sponsor with Chinwag (in the UK) managing and facilitating the official programming, marketing, PR and logistics. This year 8 cities took part and more than 25,000 attendees participated in and attended events.  Speakers ranged from Richard Branson to Larry King.

James Norris (of Social Media Strategist) spoke at three events in London over the week. The first was hosted and ran by Social Media Strategist’s software ‘DeadSocial’. This event ‘Death, Digital Demise & Our Digital Legacy’ welcomed a range of differing speakers looking at end of life within today’s connected world. Here is a video from the event:

The next day James spoke at Bloomberg’s London stage for Healthbox’s Panel Discussion ‘ Healthcare Marketing, Pulse Found’. This addressed a range of subject matters and challenges that marketing within the healthcare sector can raise. 

Healthbox at Social Media Week

DeadSocial then supported Lawrence Darani’s existentialist workshop ‘what is it about death that scares us?’. This was a fascinating look into how we can live on through an existentialist perspective. This was heavily influenced by Irvin D. Yalom's works.

As always the events and workshops during Social Media Week were top notch. It was great to see some old faces and meet some new people breaking into the social and digital sector. I would like to congratulate Sam Michal and the rest of the Chinwag team for providing an amazing program and successful series of events. 

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