We built the Worlds first ‘livINFOGRAPHIC’ (the living Infographic) for DeadSocial

Over the last few years Infographics have become an extremely effective way to tell stories using data. Infographics are (in short) graphical representations of datasets. They are often focused around one or more pieces of data and provide insights into a specific subject matter.

Livinfographic (infographic installation)
Their visual and narrative nature have helped make a lot of information more appealing to the general public and (when telling a good story) can appeal to almost every demographic. For Dying Matters Awareness Week we launched and built an art installation called the #livINFOGRAPHIC (living-Infographic). The livINFOGRAPHIC lived within a physical space and used data that was being attained to alter it accordingly.
Popup Infographic
The livINFOGRAPHIC was visited by many during it's lifespan in the ‘You Only Die Once’ Popup Shop' (69 Camden High Street, London). We took data from the ‘Digital Death Survey’ and updated it over the week.  The installation was sat on 3 metres x 2 metres of real turf (grass) and lived and breathed over this period.
The data was attained and then updated (in near real-time). Although the installation has now been dismantled the ‘Digital Death Survey’ wil remain live for the next four weeks. It is a very short and anonymous survey. If you have two minutes to spare we would still really appreciate your input: http://www.deadsoci.al/blog/114-digital-death-survey
Infogrpahic visualised (with data)
This survey asks questions about end of life matters in relation to our online accounts and in today's digitally connected society. The installation’s concept was devised by James Norris (CEO DeadSocial) and was built with the help of Natalie Jackson.
The livINFOGRAPHIC was just one of many initiatives and events hosted in the ‘You Only Die Once’ Pop-Up shop'. These included workshops, Death Cafes, live music, poetry, photography and art. Organisations involved ranged from the NHS and The Good Funeral Guide to Save the Male and The Natural Death Centre.
In the next 2-3 weeks we will release a report with the findings from the Digital Death Survey 2014. The results will be published here and on our FacebookGoogle+ and Twitter pages.
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Social Media Week Review / Social Media Strategist speaking at Social Media Week 2013

Social Media Week   Healthbox Bloomberg

Between 23-27th September 2013 the annual (occasionally bi-annual) Social Media Week took place. Over the course of the week leading thinkers and businesses in the sector hosted and spoke about the sector and often within their vertical of expertise. 

Nokia was once again Social Media Weeks headline sponsor with Chinwag (in the UK) managing and facilitating the official programming, marketing, PR and logistics. This year 8 cities took part and more than 25,000 attendees participated in and attended events.  Speakers ranged from Richard Branson to Larry King.

James Norris (of Social Media Strategist) spoke at three events in London over the week. The first was hosted and ran by Social Media Strategist’s software ‘DeadSocial’. This event ‘Death, Digital Demise & Our Digital Legacy’ welcomed a range of differing speakers looking at end of life within today’s connected world. Here is a video from the event:

The next day James spoke at Bloomberg’s London stage for Healthbox’s Panel Discussion ‘ Healthcare Marketing, Pulse Found’. This addressed a range of subject matters and challenges that marketing within the healthcare sector can raise. 

Healthbox at Social Media Week

DeadSocial then supported Lawrence Darani’s existentialist workshop ‘what is it about death that scares us?’. This was a fascinating look into how we can live on through an existentialist perspective. This was heavily influenced by Irvin D. Yalom's works.

As always the events and workshops during Social Media Week were top notch. It was great to see some old faces and meet some new people breaking into the social and digital sector. I would like to congratulate Sam Michal and the rest of the Chinwag team for providing an amazing program and successful series of events. 

New Video & Social Media Sharing cards for DeadSocial

Below is a sample of some of our recent work carried out for DeadSocial. The first is a video using footage from the DeadSocial launch party and other sources in the wake of the platforms launch at SXSW. The second batch of work displays 3 (out of 18) cards that have been created for distributed on DeadSocial's social media accounts. All of the quotes in this series are taken from deceased individuals (both real and fictitious).

Social Media Share Card

Social Media Card - Master Yoda Quote

Social Media Strategist’s first software platform is selected for The Next Web’s Startup Rally 2012

The Next Web Startup RallyDeadSocial have been selected as one of the final 19 startups to pitch, present and launch their startup at The Next Web's 'Startup Rally' in Amsterdam later this month. Visitors to DeadSocial are currently able to create personal profiles and claim their unique username ahead of the event however the Startup Rally will be the first time that the functionality is released and made 'forever free' to the general public. James Norris the founder of DeadSocial will be present and launch DeadSocial live on stage infront of the World's media and industry experts. The event will also be broadcast live online to an audience of thousands. 

Startup Rally

The competition is divided into two channels – Alpha and Beta.

The Alpha channel features 9 new startups (including DeadSocial) launch for the first time, while the Beta channel is all about existing names with big new announcements. A panel of experts, chaired by Amazon CTO Werner Vogels, will question each startup and judge their pitches to choose this year's winners. The Next Web Conference 2012 will be held on the 25th-27th April. The conference will feature a number of speakers from Adobe to Youtube and attract 1800 digital leaders from across the Globe.

DeadSocial is announced at SXSW

DeadSocial a new startup by James Norris (Social Media Strategist) has been announced at SXSW. It allows anyone to create a series of messages that are only sent out after a user dies! More information can be viewed via the video below:


DeadSocal SXSW

Since heading over to the USA for SXSW the response has been awesome by the general public as well as the mainstream media.

“So, whether you want to leave a humorous ‘I told you I was ill…’ status update, a poignant farewell, or feed your social media addiction long after you’re belly-up in the ground, DeadSocial could be the answer to your prayers”. The Next Web.

“As crazy as it sound this just might work” Techcrunch