Chicken Pot Noodles have remained a staple part of my diet for the last 20 years or so.

Whilst scanning the pasta in my local (and well over priced) mini-mart the Daddy of Pasta once again grabbed the eye. The retro game Space Invaders appeared all over the Chicken & mushroom Pot Noodle packaging….  Space Invaders on the Pot Noodle packaging = SOLD.

On a closer inspection it turns out that the Pot Noodle promotion is based around sending classic computer games to Pot Noodlers mobile phones (for free). Most food and drink package promotions are awful and not worth a second glance. However in this case “3 Codes = 1 Mobile Game”(Pot Noodle Packaging).

For More info about the Noodle & the games you can download go to The Pot Noodle website

              pot noodle lid       Pot Noodle Game

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