There are a number of free online alarm clocks available on the world wide web.  With the recent failure of my Nokia N95 and the slow decay of my spare phone I have been left without a reliable alarm clock.

Last week I decided to turn to an online alarm clock

I used the first alarm clock that I stumbled upon (and it didn’t let me down). I did however foresee that my Mac’s energy saving mode might stop the alarm from going off. I have tested this theory since and was right to make this assumption.

If you do decide to use this online alarm clock then you should:

  1. * Disable the energy saving mode/ screen saver
  2. * If you are using the online clock via a laptop ensure that it is plugged in
  3. * Take out any headphones that are plugged into your laptop / desktop
  4. * If you are using external speakers switch them on.
  5. * Switch up the volume on your laptop / desktop.
  6. * Test the alarm (set it to go off in a minute later).
  7. * Set the alarm
  8. * Have good night’s sleep

This is a simple yet effective alarm clock. I would recommend using this tool as and when your mobile phone fails. There are a number of more advanced features such as changing the alarm sound to live streams from internet radio stations however I decided to use the default alarm.