Marketeers have been harnessing the power of video on video sharing sites for years. However submitting videos to sites such as Youtube, Yahoo Video, Metacafe etc is now widely embraced by smaller charities and organisations in order to help further their cause.

Small scale Youtube marketing strategy 

Ø Watch and research other charities videos
Ø Make your video interesting
Ø Include a call to action at the end
Ø Seed the video using relevant (Meta) keywords and descriptions
Ø Let your user base know that the video exists by sending out an email with a link to the video
Ø Once you have the embed code seed it on Social networking sites (Facebook, Myspace, blogs etc)
Ø Encourage people to share the video
I have helped numerous charities market themselves within video sharing sites. I am happy to give free advice and recommend a bespoke strategy over the phone.