Video Marketing Strategist

Your brand needs to consider engaging with your audience using video. Video can be used as a hugely effective platform and deliver a great return on investment. YouTube (alone) is now the second most used search engine in the world serving over 4 billion videos a day (Nielsen, 2012). 

Video marketing can be used to increase brand awareness and have a measurable ‘call to action’ (such as "click here to buy") whilst the user is watching the content. Targeted video views videos can also occur though outreach community engagement, seeding, media spend etc.

Here is a short video that I created for the TVMOBiLi website's 'devices page'. 

My other video marketing clients include Shell and Camden Council. I have also streamed video content and created a series of Podcasts from Mozilla London for Mobile Heroes Day 2012.

*I was a media partner for the Social TV World Summit 2012, Social TV Conference 2013 and a guest speaker at the Digital TV Summit 2012

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