Forrester Report: “Only 16% of respondents believe that their company has the skills & capabilities to execute on their digital strategy”.


"Businesses need to think in terms of dynamic ecosystems of value if they are to compete as effective digital enterprises". That’s one of the top line conclusions of a new report from Forrester released in March 2014. The Future Of Business Is Digital report highlights some uncomfortable findings for many businesses based on interviews with end user organisations:

74% of business executives say their company has a digital strategy.

93% believe digital will disrupt their business in the next 12 months.

16% of respondents believe that their company has the skills and capabilities to execute on their digital strategy. 

19% of respondents think their organisation has the right technology in place to support a digital strategy. 

26% of IT budget decision-makers globally use some type of digital channel as their primary source to research and evaluate technologies and services to purchase. Forrester advises: "Your business needs a reset. You need to look at digital holistically. You need to transform your business by applying digital thinking across everything you do — how you win, serve, and retain customers; how you operate your internal processes; and how you source business services. In short, you must become a digital business".

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