Youtube has changed its video player! Videos that have been embedded on websites & blogs now have a Youtube search bar at the top of the video with even more branding.

The player is now ugly and not necessary. If Youtube had to make this change it should only be applicable for newly embedded videos. Videos that fall under Youtube non profits are not exempt. I have advised charities and non profit organisations to embed Youtube videos in the past as the views on Youtube (and many other video sharing sites) help the video to be found within search engine result pages (SERPs)

The main reason why this player should be avoided however is becuase it will encourage people to search for other Youtube videos whilst on your site and drive traffic elsewhere!

If you are a charity, non profit organisation or own a website or a blog do not embed Youtube videos on your website / blog. I would recommend trying Google video, Vimeo or Yahoo, Myspace. You should of course seed your video on Youtube due to the amount of people watch videos on Youtube. However if the aesthetics of your website / blog are important you may wish to reconsider embedding Youtube videos on your site and look for an alternative.

(To see the altered embedded Youtube player in my previous post)