Upcoming Speaking Engagements:

I hope that you are all well and you are enjoying life both and work and in play. I will be speaking at a number of events in different capacitates over the following months. These vary from digital media workshops to seminars addressing how we can approach death in today's digitally-connected World.

James Norris, speaking at The Next Web in Amsterdam

If you are able to attend any of the events that I am speaking at below (please let me know). 


University College London – Utilising Digital and Social Media for Small Businesses (14th July 2014) – UCL, London / UCL students only

Nitro Ignite, Digital Health (4th September) – St. Anne’s Church on Dean Street, London 

Ideal Death Show (6th September) – The Beeches, Bournville (Birmingham)

London Month of the Dead  (26th October) – Kensal Green Cemetery Dissenters’ Chapel Kensal Green Cemetery Chapel, London

Dying Matters Day of the Dead Conference (3rd November) – Institute of Latin American Studies, University of London

Health 2.0  Europe (11th November) – The Mermaid Conference Centre, London

Transition in Palliative Care Study Day (11th November) – Recorded seminar shown at Ty Hafan Childrens Hospice (near Cardiff) £90-£100

Mindshare Huddle, (13th November) – Mindshare's Office, London (free, invitation only)

Macmillan Primary Care Conference (Three workshops between: 27th & 28th November). Invitation only – Hilton, Gatwick Airport, West Sussex

UCL, 10,000 Small Businesses (3rd February, 1.30pm-5pm) – Social Media Workshop, Successful applicants for 10KSB programme only.

UCL, Utilising Digital & Social Media (5th March 9.30am-5.30pm) – CPD Accredited Course. UCL students only

Digital Legacy Conference (TBA) – More information coming soon, open to general public

I look forward to seeing many of you soon,

‘Post-Death control of Digital Assets’. Seminar at the University of Bath

University of Bath

On the 21 February I will be running a seminar exploring the increasing value asserted to digital assets in today's digital world. This will delve into how our digital footprint becomes our legacy when we die and the value assigned to our digital assets both in life and death

Event Overview 

We all know that we'll eventually die but very few people make plans for the entirety of their assets, especially digital ones. This CDAS seminar on the post-death afterlife of digital assets will examine how individual's can manage the full spectrum of 21st century property and the challenges posed by the digital world. The speakers will address everything from management of estates to controlling a person's post-mortem identity. Whether it's passwords, social networking accounts, or online property, the certainty of death opens up an entirely new world for living next of kin to negotiate after a person dies.

Speakers: James Norris, CEO of DeadSocial, Dr. Wendy Moncur, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, University of Dundee, Andrea Pierce, Head of Legal Services at Kings Court Trust Ltd For further information as it becomes available and to book, visit the events page

Speaking on BBC’s ‘The Big Questions’

Last Sunday I spoke on a panel for the BBC's 'The Big Questions' program addressing the question "Is social media out of control?

James Norris

Nicky Campbell presented The Big Questions from King Edward VI Handsworth School in Birmingham. The other areas debated last week included "Should monarchs retire?" and "Should civil partnerships be available for heterosexual couples?"

The Big Question

James Norris

It was a great discussion with a range of differing views. The program is now available to watch on the BBC iPlayer by clicking here

UCL & Goldman Sachs 10ksb Social Media & SEO Workshops

James Norris will be running two sessions on Thursday 14th June for UCL & Goldman Sachs 10ksb program. The two workshops have a 30 minute break in between, however many of the areas addressed overlap. If you are able to attend both we recommend doing so. The first workshop 'Growing your Business with Social Media' will address using social networks and online tools from a business perspective. This will allow you to attain an insight into your business, raise its awareness and ultimately help you to achieve your goals (such as profit, downloads, enquiries etc).

Growing your Business with Social Media – Workshop 1 Thursday 14th June, 11.00am to 1.00pm    

This workshop will teach those attending how to use specific online platforms and why they may want to use each one for their own business. There will be a series of short tasks for attendees to carry out during the workshop each lasting no longer then five minutes. We encourage attendees to (ideally) bring a laptop with them. If those attending do not have a laptop they may wish to bring a tablet or a notepad.

We expect all attendees to have a Facebook and Twitter account prior to the workshop. If you do not have an account for each please create them before the start of the workshop.

…..Light lunch provided 1.00 – 1.30pm 

Getting your business "found in Google" using SEO, analytics and online tools – Workshop 2 Thursday 14th June, 1.30pm to 3.30pm

James Norris will be running two sessions on Thursday 14th June for UCL & Goldman Sachs 10ksb program. The two workshops have a 30 minute break in between, however many of the areas addressed overlap. If you are able to attend both we recommend doing so.

This workshop Getting your business "found in Google" using SEO, analytics and online tools will begin with ‘an introduction to search engine optimization’ (SEO) presentation. This will show attendees how search engines (specifically Google) works and the criteria’s in which Google ranks websites for specific terms. The presentation will help attendees to think about factors that influence a website’s performance within search engines. After the presentation a number of SEO and analytic tools will be addressed. This will be carried out in a workshop format and attendees will be able to use a variety of free tools to get an idea of how their own website is performing. If attendees do not have a website they (in some circumstances) will be encouraged to use the tools to evaluate a company who could be seen as on of their competitors.

This will give attendees the knowledge and tools required to analyse their website’s performance and help increase the amount of relevant traffic to it. We encourage attendees to (ideally) bring a laptop with them. If attendees do not have a laptop they may wish to bring a tablet or a notepad.

About James Norris

James has devised and executed a range of different campaigns for brands and organisations including Channel 4, Nokia and Glastonbury Festival. He has also advised the Labour Party (Ed Miliband, Ed Balls and Ken Livingston) about the state of the startup scene in the UK and troubles new businesses face in the current climate.

Ed Miliband Social Media

James is the founder the startup ‘DeadSocial’. DeadSocial attained support from UK Trade & Investment to announce the platform at SXSW in Texas earlier this year. DeadSocial has since enjoyed early success and recognition becoming a finalist at the London Web Summit 2012 before achieving a top four position at The Next Web & Microsoft’s ‘Startup Rally’ 2012 in Amsterdam in March.

More information about James can be found at:    Social Media Strategist / DeadSocial / James’ Twitter account

Speaking at Global Entrepreneurship Week

James NorrisOn Friday will I will be speaking as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week in Camden alongside creative ideas agency Saint and the serial entrepreneur and founder of Frank PR. It is a free, informal event held in partnership with University of the Arts London. It runs between 3.30pm – 6pm at the Camden Collective, London. Tickets for this event can be attained by clicking here!

Since its inception, Global Entrepreneurship Week has spread to 115 countries, with nearly 24,000 organisations planning more than 37,000 activities. As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2010 in the UK, over 207,200 people attended 2,577 events, run by 983 organisations. Global Entrepreneurship Week is a worldwide movement of entrepreneurial people, with millions unleashing their enterprising talents and turning their ideas into reality. Find out what happened in previous years of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

The day I met Ed Miliband, Ed Balls & Ken Livingston

On Monday I was invited to discuss the issues facing small businesses and technology start-up's in today's current climate. It was a great opportunity for those of us who work in Camden to submit our thoughts regarding existing infrastructures and submit questions and ideas to the Labour party.

Me, Ed Milliband & Ken Livingstone

The day was hosted by the wonderful people at the Camden Town Unlimited and the office was full of mainstream media. The coverage and discussions also appeared on the BBC News.

BBC iPlayer

It was a great meeting with lots of interesting points and suggestions brought to the table. There were a range of different organisations attending all with different objectives and questions. Me and Kes Thygesen flew the flag for UK startups delivering questions that directly relate to launching a new startup in the UK today.

Ken Livingstone talking of how London has changed

It will be interesting to see how New Labour plan to help UK startups and new businesses going forward.

Social Media & SEO WorkShop for UCL Advances

UCL Advances

I will be running a social media workshop at UCL for the 'UCL Advances' program on Thursday. Kes Thygesen will be kicking things off highlighting a number of quick ways that businesses can optimise their website using Google and Youtube. When his workshop ends I will demonstrate a number of free tools and techniques that businesses can use for both outreach and PR purposes. 

Each of the sessions will finish with a Q&A session. The SEO & Social Media workshop will conclude with drinks and networking. More information about the workshop can be found here http://www.ucl.ac.uk/advances/advances-news/seo

KTN ‘Partnering for Innovation’ event, June 2010

KTNTomorrow I will be spending the day at the London 'Partnering for Innovation' event at the Internet Advertising Bureau. The event has sold out however if you would like to view the event feel free to watch their free webstream between (9am – 5pm on Thursday 3rd June 2010). Following the Technology Strategy Board’s announcement that it is making £18m available for collaborative R&D as part of the digital services programme, we are hosting a series of events to help creative businesses get involved and find technology partners from industry or academia, learn more about eligibility and how to submit a proposal.The fund is designed to promote lasting alliances between companies and organisations, to develop cutting edge technology products and support the growth of the UK’s creative and digital sectors. Competition entries can pitch for up to £100,000 in funding as part of the fast track, or for larger projects, funds of up to £3,000,000 are available.

The Partnering for Innovation programme is produced by the Creative Industries KTN with support from the Digital Communications KTN

Play PacMan on Google’s Homepage

To celebrate Pacmans 30th Birthday Google have changed their homepage logo into an interactive PacMan game. This is probably the coolest thing Google has ever done. I am a PacMan lover, and bid them a happy 30th Birthday. The object of the game you is to evade the ghosts Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde and much on as many yellow dots as possible (as if you don't know).

To play, simply click the button that usually says "I'm feeling lucky" but now has the legend "Insert Coin". However, if you don't do anything, the game will start by itself. If you click twice on "Insert Coin" then two people can play. Ms Pac-Man joins the game, with the second person controlling her movements using the WASD keys.

pacman Google