Fax Your GP ‘brings back the Fax’ to help YOU opt-out of the NHS’s medical record sharing scheme

If you live in the UK and would like your medical records to remain private you will need to opt-out of the government's 'Care.data' policy. If you do not opt-out your medical records will be added to a giant database and shared with both the public and private sector by the National Health Service (NHS). 

The NHS are not allowing UK citizens to opt-out via email but they are accepting Fax messages. This is where 'Fax your GP' enters the equation! 

Fax Your GP

Fax your GP is a great, volunteer run initiative. The service provides UK citizens with an online templated letter. Once completed this is automatically faxed to each person's local GP. The fax requests that they would like their medical records to remain private and that they are opting out of the scheme.

You can create a letter online & have it faxed to your local GP via: https://www.faxyourgp.com