The day I met Ed Miliband, Ed Balls & Ken Livingston

On Monday I was invited to discuss the issues facing small businesses and technology start-up's in today's current climate. It was a great opportunity for those of us who work in Camden to submit our thoughts regarding existing infrastructures and submit questions and ideas to the Labour party.

Me, Ed Milliband & Ken Livingstone

The day was hosted by the wonderful people at the Camden Town Unlimited and the office was full of mainstream media. The coverage and discussions also appeared on the BBC News.

BBC iPlayer

It was a great meeting with lots of interesting points and suggestions brought to the table. There were a range of different organisations attending all with different objectives and questions. Me and Kes Thygesen flew the flag for UK startups delivering questions that directly relate to launching a new startup in the UK today.

Ken Livingstone talking of how London has changed

It will be interesting to see how New Labour plan to help UK startups and new businesses going forward.