How can I use ‘Content Marketing’ to improve my SEO in Google?

It is important for your website to 'rank' highly within Google (and other search engines) for search terms relevant to your business. In doing so, when someone searches for a service or product that your business offers your website is found. Once found within search and your listing attains a 'click through' the merit of your website will decide whether the visitor converts into an action or not (for example download your software, purchase a product, read your whitepaper etc). There are a number of ways in which marketers can help search engines rank your content with the merit that it deserves; this process is called Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO for short).

It is becoming increasing important that the content distributed by your company (website copy, blogs, videos, whitepapers etc) is engaging, shared on social networks, unique and relevant to your business. When such content is created with a business goal in mind the term ‘content marketing’ is often used

The Infographic below highlights that when great content and different distribution networks work cohesively together, a successful SEO outcome can be achieved.

How do I use content to improve my SEO in Google?

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