Social Media Strategist’s first software platform is selected for The Next Web’s Startup Rally 2012

The Next Web Startup RallyDeadSocial have been selected as one of the final 19 startups to pitch, present and launch their startup at The Next Web's 'Startup Rally' in Amsterdam later this month. Visitors to DeadSocial are currently able to create personal profiles and claim their unique username ahead of the event however the Startup Rally will be the first time that the functionality is released and made 'forever free' to the general public. James Norris the founder of DeadSocial will be present and launch DeadSocial live on stage infront of the World's media and industry experts. The event will also be broadcast live online to an audience of thousands. 

Startup Rally

The competition is divided into two channels – Alpha and Beta.

The Alpha channel features 9 new startups (including DeadSocial) launch for the first time, while the Beta channel is all about existing names with big new announcements. A panel of experts, chaired by Amazon CTO Werner Vogels, will question each startup and judge their pitches to choose this year's winners. The Next Web Conference 2012 will be held on the 25th-27th April. The conference will feature a number of speakers from Adobe to Youtube and attract 1800 digital leaders from across the Globe.