Giant Mobile Phones

There are a number of ways in which advertisers can inform consumers and delegates about using their mobile phone at events, exhibitions & performances. One such way is through digital signage. Digital signage can help increase a brands visibility, campaign awareness and ultimately increase levels of user participation. If a brands objective is to engage with recipients by sending out a video or a computer game to users handset via Bluetooth a digital sign could be used to prompt the recipient to ensure that their Bluetooth is enabled. Other forms of content such as a map of the conference arena, messages from key sponsors etc could also be distributed.


Social Media Strategist have provided brands and organisations with digital signage and visually engaging hardware and installations. We own two giant mobile phones which can be hired complete with LED TVs for £200 each per day. These are however free for charities and not for profits to use.

Giant Mobile Phones to hire

These giant mobile phones have proved to be hugely effective in shopping centres, festivals to evoke mobile app downloads, drive footfall etc.

If you are interested in using the giant mobile phones or would like further information call 07868 823055