Facebook Messenger Voice Tutorial for iPhone & Android

Facebook has added the ability to send voice messages to its standalone Messenger app for IOS and Android. This feature is currently appears to be limited to Facebook Profiles. Meaning that you won’t be able to record and send messages through your company’s Page.

Facebook messenger voice tutorial


If you’re looking for a faster way to communicate with friends and industry colleagues, sending a voice message is simple. Just tap the + button near where you traditionally type a message and select Record. You must hold the button down to speak. When you release the Record button, your voice message will be sent to your recipient.

Facebook also recently announced that it’s testing VoIP (internet phone calling) functionality in Canada. While this feature is free to use, VoIP calls will use your existing data plan. iPhone users in Canada can try the feature by tapping the “I” button in the top right corner of a conversation and then tapping 'Free Call'.

While these updates likely won’t help with your marketing efforts, they do give Facebook users a new ways to communicate using the platform. It also is likely to send shivers down the spin of telecom network operators.

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