Short message services (SMS) marketing is a good way to engage with existing 'opted in' data bases. SMS messages also known as ‘text messages' can be used to engage with an audiences by sending out information, short reminders, vouchers, medical information, flyers, hyperlinks to mobile applications, mobile internet sites etc.

SMS Self Serve Platform

We can provide a "SMS self serve platform". This allows you to easily manage your SMS campaigns without paying for someone else to do it on your behalf. It has a range of advanced features including an analytics platform and easy import and export features. Our price SMS price plan is one of the cheapest and transparent within the UK. 

  • Monthly volumes                          Price per delivered SMS
  • 0 – 5k                                                3.2p (0,032GBP)
  • 5k – 50k                                            3, 0p (0,030GBP)
  • 50k – 100k                                        2,8p (0,028GBP)
  • 100k – 250k                                      2,7p (0,027GBP)
  • 250k+                                                2,5p (o,025GBP)

International SMS costs can be provided on request

To try our SMS Self-Serve platform call 07868 823055