On Tuesday I attended KTN & GS1’s ‘Wake up to RFID – breakfast with chips’. This was an informative breakfast where we discussed all things RFID (Radio frequency identification). RFID is the technology used in mobile phones also known as ‘NFC’. RFID chips are currently used in passports, Oyster  cards and banks cards. RFID readers have already been implemented into a small number of mobile handsets. In the coming years NFC is set to become a massive part of our day to day lives and transform the way we use our mobile phone. When a NFC enabled phone comes into a close proximity of a RFID chip it triggers an action. This may be for content (such as a marketing video) to be sent to your phone.  Alternatively the action could be set so your phone pays for an item that you have purchased.

I attended this event to help better my understanding of NFC and learn of how it is currently being used in healthcare.  The event was a small yet focused group. Many of those who attended are currently pioneering the development and adoption of NFC.  It was an interesting discussion and I found it useful in terms of how we can and will be able to use this medium going forward.

I was however shocked to learn that the greatest advocate and one of the largest investors in NFC is the US military. The US are also rumoured to be able to activate ‘passive’ RFID chips from up to 30ft away. This rumour becomes even more shocking when placed next to the millions of pounds currently being spent by governments on integrating RFID chips into passports & national ID cards.