I was asked to devise and manage an experiential marketing concept for the Nokia Foundation. They wanted something to attain, interest, PR, footfall and engagement whilst promoting the new Nokia N8 mobile device.  I inserted the ‘interactive graffiti’ wall (as seen on Dragons Den) into an outline of a Nokia N8 mobile phone. This is what happened next…

Attendees created ‘digital graffiti’ on the screen using a digital spray paint can and their own artistic vision
The Nokia Lounge
Over the Air - Nokia Lounge
A “Hardcore Symbian Coder” creating his masterpiece
Symbian coder at Over the Air
Once participants artwork had been completed they were invited to have their design printed onto a T-Shirt free of charge.
Thom from Future Platforms (sporting his design whilst speaking at the conference
Over the Air presentation
Photos compliments BenJammin Ellis. Some rights reserved.
Me and my design:
Nokia T Shirt
Selection of artworks created in the Nokia Lounge on Friday & Saturday
Nokia Art
Over the Air 2010
Nokia Marketing
Amazing Nokia
The result… A lot of fun!
Nokia marketing
Outside of the Nokia lounge there was a lot of learning and other fun things to do. These ranged from a mobile hackathon and flying iPhone controlled aircraft to Duckhunt and Qi Gong. For more information click Here
Duckhunt at Over the Air
I would like to thank all of the Mobile Monday & Over the Air organisers, Mathew Cashmore, Helen Keegan and the Nokia Foundation team especially Tina Yang & Greg Merten.
Nokia Connecting People
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