The continual humanitarian struggle within Burma has been well publicised over the last few months.

However I thought it would be a good idea to highlight a number of recent events within the country that specifically relate to sharing information within the digital sphere.

Author and blogger Nay Phone Latt who has been in custody for six months has had the charges held against him changed from the crimes against ‘the video act’ to the ‘Emergency Provisions Act’. The hearing was due to be held this week and he now faces a maximum of 7 years in prison. Latts lawer claims that the Burmese law enforcement agencies “do not respect and abide by the law” as they “change their charge sheet again and again”. Meanwhile Latt’s eye condition continues to deteriorate and his mother fears that her son is slowly going blind due to the nonexistent medical treatment.

Meanwhile the famous on/offline human rights activist (and previous heart patient) Suu Suu New received a head blow whilst arguing with prison authorities in late June. She is currently suffering from high blood pressure as she sits in solitary confinement. Medicine has been sent to her however there has been no confirmation from the authorities or Suu Suu that they have reached her.

(Informaiton via Mizzima News)