SEO Link Building Consultant

In order for websites to attain ‘authority’ within search engines it needs to attain links from other reputable (and contextually relevant) websites. However, in order to attain such links it must have something on the site worth linking to.  Inbound links can be attained by the reputation or merit of yourself or your company. They can also be attained by features on your website that benefit others who use the web. This 'link bait' (aka quality content) may range from a tutorial video, game, whitepaper etc. Once these links have been attained the authority needs to be distributed around the website strategically.

SEO Link Building longtail

I build links organically and through high quality content and viral marketing. I do not use 'link farms' or promise to 'get you to the top of Google'. Such offers (often stated via SPAM emails and phone calls) is not 'good practice' and rarely adds value. Furthermore, Google will penalize your website within search if it see's that you are being linked to by poor sources. I help brands and organisations to rank for their main keywords as well as long tail search terms with high search volumes that convert (to new clients, sales etc).

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