Podcasting expert

I provide a high quality podcast service for brands and corporate events. This service entails all aspects of recording, editing and producing a podcast. The entire recording infrastructure is supplied for your event, including providing and setting up all microphones, PA systems and other recording / amplifying equipment (unless you have your own you wish to use), soundcheck and the recording itself.

Podcast at Mozilla for Mobile Heroes

My post production process ensures that your audio recording is later edited to the highest quality, with any aspects specifically edited at your request. Once the podcast has been created, along with any relevant images and metadata I ensure that they are heard by your target audiences and through a variety of Podcast directories and other relevant channels.  The high quality audio recording also open up the option of overlay the audio onto high quality videos ensuring that your videos audio is as professional as the available podcasts. 

The audio below is from a podcast that I recorded for Mobile Heroes at the Mozilla’s London office.

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