Helping Canon Europe With Their Marketing Across The EMEA Region

Social Media Strategist Marketing

“Canon was founded in Tokyo in 1937. For decades it has been a household name and a brand associated with high quality cameras, lenses and printers. Today it is renowned globally as being on of the Globes leading camera, lens and printer manufacturers”.

How Social Media Strategist Assisted Canon With Their Marketing Efforts

Social Media Strategist supported Canon from their European office intensively over the course of four months. In doing so helping to leverage existing marketing campaigns whilst proposing a range of new marketing initiatives.

List Of Tasks Carried Out

  • Led the creation of an Editorial Calendar for Canon Europe
  • Benchmarked Canon against one of their key competitors in the areas of SEO (pre purchase), email (preference center) and mobile (apps)
  • Provided internal marketing proposals (briefs) for future marketing (and/or upcoming) campaigns
  • Helped with the creation of a Master Project Plan for all Direct Communications across Europe
  • Provided recommendations for User Experience (UX) improvements for a number of Canon portal websites leading up to Christmas,
  • Led the delivery of Canon UK’s newsletter in November and the ‘Merry Christmas’ message for the UK and Ireland in December
  • Helped create an end-to-end process for the delivery of Canon’s consumer Newsletter
  • Creative and strategic input into Canon newsletter briefs
  • Helped to oversee the project management of the Canon UK Direct Communications Pilot
  • Provided feedback to Canon UK and Canon Europe on a Pay Per Click marketing executed over the Christmas period. This was ran through Google Adwords across UK & Ireland.
  • Provided guidelines to help increase Canon’s presence within search engines (like Google) and ultimately sell more items organically and  through third party partner websites.
  • Competitor Benchmarking & Email Communication Delivery


The Newly designed Canon Europe newsletter:

Creating customer centric communication

  • Supporting The EMEA Region 

Social Media Strategist was largely tasked with supporting the ‘Consumer Imaging Group’ (CIG). The CIG is Canon’s department in charge of some of marketing consumer devices across the EMEA region. The product range varies from handhold cameras to printers, lenses and accessories.

  • Understanding the Consumer Segments & Flagship Products

Due to the rich history of the Canon brand and its position within the market it was paramount for Social Media Strategist to have a good understanding of photography and consumer behaviour between different user types and segments. To ensure that this occurred Social Media researched and dedicated a large amount of time to the art of photography, print and post-production. I also received external photography training on various devices to quickly become familiar with a number of Canon’s flagship products.

  • Review & Improvement

By working closely with the Consumer Insights manager, reviewing internal data and keeping abreast of developments within the sector Social Media Strategist was able to review various direct communication channels and help improve Canon’s outbound marketing

  • Helping to launch ‘Irista’ (Canon’s cloud storage & management software)

Social Media Strategist provided written recommendations ahead of the launch of Irista. Previous experience attained launching other software solutions was utilized during this period in order to provide assistance and direction.

  • Editorial Calendar

It was important for Canon to have a cross-channel ‘editorial calendar’ for all planned outbound marketing communications across Europe for 2014. The editorial calendar amalgamated planned marketing activities and also included activities not fully confirmed but requested from various departments. The Editorial Calendar provided a clear roadmap of activities and helped Canon to prioritise activities and the resources required. The Calendar will be used to help ensure that Canon’s communications with consumers remain relevant, timely and engaging.

  • Internal Collaboration, Internal Guidelines, Proposals & Reports

I am proud of the services provided during an intensive four month period with Canon. By working directly with various internal teams and external suppliers Social Media Strategist was able to improve a number of functions, create guidelines, proposals and reports. This helped contribute to a number of successful marketing campaigns and improved internal workflows.

Thank you

I would like to thank Canon for entrusting Social Media Strategist Ltd with carry out various marketing tasks and deliverables. I would also like to wish Canon every future success and we look forward to using your innovative products and services in the future.