A broadcast or online video can be enhanced tenfold by integrating a piece of suitable audio. The audio can be engineered to wrap around the video's content and add dramatic pauses, be used to build suspense or add to the comedy value. I am offer an audio production service where I watch the videos content and create a suitable song based on it's atmosphere and objectives. Below is a background audio snippet around the themes of "tech, mobile, new and innovation".

My Audio Production Services include:

  • 1) Bespoke audio creation
  • 2) Audio creation (after the video has been created in order to synchronise video with the audio)
  • 3) Voice over script writing
  • 4) Voice over artist management and editing
  • 5) Audio Mastering  

Below are two examples of Social Media Strategist's audio created for film and video. One is an electronic sounding "sample background audio". The other was created for the DeadSocial tutorial video.